Laurie MacMillan, at your service. I was born a Scottish Yankee in a very cold part of New England in a year that shall remain unspecified. Most of my life has been spent making things in all different kinds of media.  When I was seven, my father called me "the makin'est kid" he'd ever seen.

Still at it, Dad.

I started out studying photography, then began adding words to my images, and it just evolved organically from there into advertising and design. I got my first computer in the 80s and wow, have I had fun. It's a love/hate relationship sometimes when the "beachball" appears to nap on my monitor screen or my connection fails in the middle of a Zoom meeting, but the magic of mixing colors and fonts and images of light is still a pretty cool way to make a living.

Whatever the scope of your project, and whatever elements of the final product are needed, I can most probably help you. Considerable versatility means you can get alot of what you need in one fell swoop.  And being a Scottish Yankee, I will do my level best to save you money if I can.

How can I help?




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